​Omakase style of dining means our chefs will follow some parts of the menu and customize the rest based on ingredient availability and seasonality.
Each dish will be prepared by our chefs infront of our guest for the best time to watch the process of the dish and catch the opportunity to taste sushi in its best state!


Umami sushi is created by Lin in 2010 who eager to bring the best tasty omakase to his loves. The umami omakase style keeps put our guest in the 1st place.

Here at umami sushi, we aim to provide an memorable intimate dining experience to all our guests.
Using the finest and freshest ingredients available, our exceptional chefs handcraft each course in front of our guests and serve each piece of sushi quickly to ensure the best taste. This style of dining allow guests to see how their food is made and open up opportunities for interactions with the chef. This is what our head chef envisioned—great food, fresh ingredients, dynamic menu, fun guest interactions, and satisfied diners!


Umami Omakase will start at August 03 Wednesday . Established in 2010. Japanese restaurant serving omakase style sushi. Our chef creates a seasonal menu with the freshest ingredients.Featuring classic 12 course meal (Uni, Caviar, Toro) with appetizer for $85 or premium 17 course meal (everything in classic plus A5 Wagyu, Foie Gras) for $125 per person. For limited time only, we are offering 20% off for the first batch of customers! make your reservation today!

Customer will choose between the $85 per person 12 course Omakase or the $125 per person 17 course Omakase set. We highly recommend our guests to make reservations. Please kindly inform our staff of any dietary restrictions at your earliest convenience to ensure appropriate accommodations. Our Omakase experience takes about 90-120 minutes long, so please arrive on time to ensure adequate time for the meal.


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Omakase is a traditional Japanese style of dining where the chef serves up a multi-course meal with seasonal ingredients. The menu choice, solely left up to the chef, will vary based on time of year and availability. Each course is crafted moments before serving to ensure that the guests taste the sushi in its best state. Our head chef takes this traditional dining style along with his love of sushi to bridge tradition with modern cuisine. He loves to experiment with different techniques and ingredients to compliment each sushi dish.



We source our fish locally throughout Japan—from places such as Hokkaido, Kagoshima, and other coastal regions of Japan. We receive shipments multiple times a week to ensure the freshest and best quality for our guests!

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All our chefs have many years of experience in the field of Japanese cuisine. They’ve worked at many well known restaurants throughout New York City.

Our head chef, in particular, began his apprenticeship at a sushi restaurant in 2003. He was determined to be the best he can at his craft. After many years of experience in the restaurant business, he finally felt that he was ready to share his sushi with the world.

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